Avis CEO says rental car biz is alive and well

Published on 2018 Jul, 20
The CEO of Avis Budget Group, which also owns car sharing company Zipcar, told CNNMoney that there is still demand for traditional rental cars -- even at a time when ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft are all the rage. Read more

China is owning the future of cars. German automakers want in

Published on 2018 Jul, 10
German automakers know the future of their industry is electric, autonomous and in China. Read more

How Europe could fight back if Trump taxes car imports

Published on 2018 Jun, 25
A move by President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on cars assembled in Europe would dramatically escalate trade tensions and produce a quick response from the European Union. Read more

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in Germany

Published on 2018 Jun, 18
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has been arrested in Germany as part of an investigation into emissions cheating, according to prosecutors in Munich. Read more

Elon Musk has the last laugh as Tesla stock pops 40% from its low

Published on 2018 Jun, 12
Tesla has come roaring back as Wall Street bets the company will meet (and maybe even surpass) its lofty production goals for the new Model 3. The stock's surge is vindication for CEO Elon Musk following some bizarre behavior lately. Read more

Fiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles that could get stuck in cruise control

Published on 2018 May, 25
Only one incident related to the malfunction has been reported to FCA, and there are no reported injuries. Read more

US car tariffs: Which countries have the most to lose?

Published on 2018 May, 24
The threat of a new US tax on imports of cars and auto parts is a threat to the global car industry. But some have more to lose than others. Read more

Germany's second biggest city is starting to ban diesel cars

Published on 2018 May, 23
Hamburg will ban older diesel cars and trucks from a main road in the center of the city on May 31. Read more

The danger of keyless cars: What you need to know

Published on 2018 May, 14
A car left running in the garage can lead to tragedy -- and it can happen surprisingly easily. Read more

New diesel scandal? German officials investigate Audi

Published on 2018 May, 08
German officials are investigating Volkswagen's luxury Audi brand on suspicion that it installed illegal emissions software in its A6 and A7 diesel models. Read more

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