Volkswagen used to love diesel. Not anymore

Published on 2017 Dec, 11
The chief executive of Volkswagen says Germany should reduce subsidies for diesel cars and ban heavily polluting vehicles from its city centers. Read more

Should Elon Musk merge Tesla and SpaceX?

Published on 2017 Dec, 06
Tesla has shaken up the auto industry but there are growing concerns about product delays and increased competition. That's why Morgan Stanley thinks a Tesla merger with Elon Musk's private rocket company SpaceX could make sense. Read more

New GM app lets you order Starbucks while you drive

Published on 2017 Dec, 05
GM's new Marketplace allows drivers to make purchases without even pulling over. Read more

Self-driving taxis are coming to Japan

Published on 2017 Dec, 05
Nissan will test self-driving taxis on the open road in March. Read more

Tesla's truck, not out until 2019, already has orders

Published on 2017 Nov, 17
Elon Musk finally unveiled the Tesla Semi. Tesla won't begin producing the electric truck until 2019, but Walmart, a major trucking company and a grocery chain headquartered in the Big Three's backyard, reportedly have plans to buy some. Read more

GM unveils fastest Corvette ever

Published on 2017 Nov, 13
The new 755 horsepower Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 will have a top speed of 210 miles an hour. Read more

Lincoln ups its game with new Navigator

Published on 2017 Nov, 09
The Lincoln Navigator is, by far. the brand's most recognizable product. It got a very nice make-over. Read more

Tesla sued for Model 3 delays

Published on 2017 Oct, 31
Tesla sued for Model 3 delays. Read more

GM unplugged: Wall Street skeptical of electric plans

Published on 2017 Oct, 30
Goldman Sachs downgraded General Motors to a rare "sell" rating Monday. The investment bank thinks investors have gotten too excited about the company's electric plans and that consumers won't rush to buy pricey new plug-in cars. Read more

Launching the Dodge Demon on a drag strip

Published on 2017 Oct, 26
Fiat Chrylser's 840 horsepower muscle car can shred tires but, more importantly, it sells cars. Read more