Volkswagen needs batteries that would fill 4 Gigafactories

Published on 2017 Sep, 12
The world's largest automaker says it will spend more than ?50 billion ($60 billion) on battery cells as it electrifies its entire model range. Read more

These countries want to ban gas and diesel cars

Published on 2017 Sep, 11
Read full story for latest details. Read more

Ferrari sells for record $10 million at charity auction

Published on 2017 Sep, 09
It's the most a post-2000 car has ever sold for, though charity auctions tend to fetch higher prices. Read more

Volkswagen to Brits: We'll pay big bucks for your diesel clunker

Published on 2017 Sep, 01
The automaker is offering up to £6,000 ($7,750) to Brits who are willing to buy a shiny new car and send their old diesel clunker to the scrapyard. Read more

This auto safety feature is annoying -- but don't turn it off!

Published on 2017 Aug, 23
Lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring have both proven to prevent lots of dangerous crashes, a study says. Read more

Ford will create new brand to make electric cars in China

Published on 2017 Aug, 22
Ford will seek to crack the world's largest auto market with fully electric vehicles sold under a new brand. Read more

Jeep owner Fiat Chrysler shares jump 13% on takeover talk

Published on 2017 Aug, 16
Fiat Chrysler shares have gone crazy this week on speculation that the automaker could be bought. Read more

GM is selling a $5,000 electric car in China

Published on 2017 Aug, 08
General Motors will start selling a tiny electric car in China this week that will cost about $5,300 after China's national and local electric vehicle incentives, according to GM. Read more

Volkswagen offers Germans mega bucks to scrap their diesel cars

Published on 2017 Aug, 08
Volkswagen is offering Germans as much as $12,000 off a new car if they scrap their old diesel clunkers. Read more

Car sales hit major speed bump in Brexit Britain

Published on 2017 Aug, 04
Auto sales in the U.K. dropped by 9.3% in July compared to the previous year, according to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. It was the fourth consecutive monthly decline. Read more

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