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Spanial’s Service Center in Hatfield and Lansdale, PA specializes in Nissan repair, service and maintenance with the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. And while, Nissan considers itself not just a car company, but an innovation company. Spanial’s prides itself in being able to repair the most technologically innovative vehicles on the road today!  Nissan pride’s itself in taking  the most innovative thinking in the automotive industry and combining it with performance, value, efficiency, safety, and style. These characteristics result in: cars that are designed to thrill you, every time you get behind the wheel. So make sure when you’re driving an industry leading vehicle, that you get the best service, the best prices and the best trained technicians in the business at Spanial’s Service Center!

Nissan auto believes that their cars should change the world and the way we, as drivers, move through it. And at Spanial’s Service Center our goal is always to keep your Nissan vehicle running at it’s peak, while saving you money and time. Convenience is the key to our success!


Spanial’s Service Center is located in Hatfield and Lansdale, Pennsylvania. And at our innovative automotive repair shop we utilize the latest diagnostic technologies in the auto repair industry to handle all your auto diagnostic and repair needs. Spanial’s Service Center ASE certified mechanics provide expert work on your car in a quick and timely fashion, plus we provide loaner vehicles or our concierge service that lets you keep working or having fun while your car is being serviced at our shop.

Spanial’s provides a wide range of services including: radiator service, power steering, light replacement, air conditioning service, air filter replacement, car battery replacement, clutch repair, belt and hose replacement, air bag systems, suspension work, repairs to your front end and rear repairs as well.

The expert Nissan mechanics at Spanial’s Service Center will replace your brakes, and repair all your electrical work. We also offer fuel injection service, oil and lube change, alignment, and transmission service. Spanial’s Service Center also offers the area’s widest selection of tires and perform tire installations as well.


Nissan Dealer Quality Oil Filter Service and Oil Change

To keep your Nissan vehicle running at its peak it is important that you change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Performaing this service at Spanial’s Service Center helps to prolong the life of your engine.

Nissan Cooling System Service

The cooling system experts at Spanial’s Service Center inspect your Nissan’s hoses and perform a pressure test to make sure you don’t have problems on the road later. Spanial’s Service Center will also flush your cooling system and check your cap and connection to make sure you stay safe on the road!

Air Conditioning Service on All Nissan Vehicles

When it’s hot on the road and you’re sitting in traffic, you don’t want to be having problems with your air conditioning system. Spanial’s Service Center provides complete air conditioning check and repair on all Nissan makes and models…so you don’t lose your cool on the road.

Fuel Intake Cleanup

The Nissan professional repair experts at Spanial’s Service Center use state-of-the-art technology to clean the intake manifold, combustion chamber, intake valves, and ports on your vehicle. Spanial’s can also install injector-cleaning fluid in your tank. We install injector cleaner in order to restore power and increase performance levels of your vehicle. Regular maintenance of your fuel and air intake systems in your Nissan vehicle helps to reduce harmful build up in fuel systems and keep your car running at it’s peak!

Power Steering Flush

Spanial’s Service Center also can provide services that flush your car’s power steering system to remove old gum and contaminated residue. Spanial’s replaces it with new fluid that is made specifically to help prolong your Nissan’s power steering system.

Nissan Transmission Service

Spanial’s can also service your complete Nissan transmission. We can clean and remove sludge and built up residue from the torque converter, lines and more. After we remove the old residue from your transmission, Spanial’s then installs new fluid that helps prolong the life of your Nissan transmission.

Spanial’s Provides the Following Nissan Services and Much More:

• Air Filter Replacement
• Air Conditioning Service
• Belt and Hose Replacement
• Brakes System
• Car Battery Replacement
• Clutch Repair
• Computer Diagnostics Testing
• Electrical System Repair
• Exhaust System
• Fuel Injection Service
• Oil Change & Lube
• Vehicle Preventative Maintenance
• Power Steering
• Radiator Service
• Replace Lights
• Suspension Work
• Air Bag Systems
• Front End / Rear Repair
• Alignment
• Tire Sales and Service
• Towing Service
• Transmission Service

Searching for an honest, affordable, and local professional auto repair shop specializing in Nissan cars, trucks, SUV’s and minivans in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA?  Then look no further than Spanial’s Service Center! The Nissan service and repair experts at Spanial’s help you maximize the life and performance of your Nissan vehicle by performing all factory recommended maintenance and services to help you maintain your vehicle warranty. Schedule an appointment online, by phone at 215-855-7030, or stop into Spanial’s Service Center in person.


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