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The Mercedes-Benz Repair and Service Experts in Hatfield and Lansdale, PA

For years Mercedes-Benz has been leading the way in advancing safety technology and this leads to much more complicated electronics and computerized systems in every Mercedes-Benz.

With cameras and radar sensors the Mercedes-Benz of today features the intelligent drive system and is not something an average mechanic or do-it-yourselfer can perform routine maintenance on without the right diagnostics, tools or experience. So when it is time to service your Mercedes-Benz you want to work with qualified, trained and experienced Mercedes-Benz technicians that know their way around these sophisticated electronic systems.

Spanial’s Service Center Expertly Handles Mercedes-Benz Engine Repair and Diagnostics

Today’s advanced automobile engines require more specialized tools and highly trained technicians to perform proper check-ups based on the manufacturer’s specifications and warranty rules. Spanial’s Service Center trained technicians know that when your engine warning light comes on. They have the right equipment and training to perform complete check-ups and get you back on the road quickly. Remember when it comes to engine repairs, diagnostics, and services like the 30K, 60K, 90K, that Spanial’s Service Center has the trained staff to handle your sophisticated Mercedes vehicle.

Mercedes Suspension Service at Spanial’s Keeps You Running Smoother

We have some rough roads in Pennsylvania and having a solid suspension allows your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to handle any road conditions properly and ensures that you and your family are riding safer. Spanial’s Service Center performs complete inspections of your struts, shocks, tires, tie rods, and alignment. When we perform these types of inspections we proactively inform you which services to consider.

We Love Getting Under the Hood of a Mercedes-Benz

When Spanial’s is performing service maintenance on your Mercedes-Benz we perform the following services to keep your vehicle running at its peak so that you can enjoy the performance and luxury of your dream car. Spanial’s proudly provides the following services on Mercedes-Benz vehicles on an everyday basis:

• Oil services

• Filters

• Belts

• Engine flush

• Power steering flushes

• Hoses and coolant

• Oil leakages

Let Spanial’s Service Center get under the hood of your Mercedes and you’ll really enjoy the ride!

Sophisticated Electronics Systems, Require Trained Technicians

The Mercedes-Benz electrical system is one of the most sophisticated in any automobile. Like all vehicles, the Mercedes electrical system begins with the battery, providing cranking power to the starter. Then after your vehicle is started, the alternator provides necessary electrical power that keeps your car running. So if your vehicle is having problems starting or with not holding a full charge on the battery, then it’s time to call in the Spanial’s team of expert technicians to examine your Mercedes and get you back on the road. Mercedes-Benz owners in Bucks and Montgomery County trust Spanial’s experienced technicians to diagnose issues with your complicated electrical systems.

Keep Your Cool and Your Mercedes Running Smoother with Spanial’s

Every vehicle runs better when it’s able to maintain the manufacturers recommended specific temperature, and Mercedes-Benz is no different. High performance vehicles run at high RPM’s so it’s vital to your car’s overall performance to make sure that your cooling system parts, including the: radiator, hoses, thermostat, water pump, and electrical fan, are running at manufacturer’s specifications. Spanial’s Service Center always recommends performing regular maintenance and checkups to guarantee that the engine runs cool so that it performs at its peak always. Vehicle manufacturer recommended cooling system services are a specialty of Spanial’s Service Center, because we have the right tools and training to do the job right the first time!

Run Longer and Stronger with Exhaust System Services from Spanial’s Service Center

Your Mercedes-Benz exhaust system directly impacts your engine’s performance so it is important to keep it properly maintained. When your emissions system does not function properly it can cause you to fail your inspection, plus it can negatively impage your mileage and the environment too. More mileage on your vehicle can rust and weaken your exhaust system due to wear and tear plus road conditions and chemically treated roads. Spanial’s Service Center checks for exhaust gas leaks through the pipes and muffler, deteriorated gaskets, or deteriorated areas of your Mercedes exhaust system. Quality performance depends on a solid exhaust system, make sure your Mercedes gets into Spanial’s for a thorough exhaust system inspection regularly.

Making Sure Your Mercedes Brake System is Stopping Safely

Keeping our customers and their families safer is our job every day at Spanial’s Service Center and your brake system is one of the most important and under appreciated safety systems on your car. We perform more Mercedes brake services than any other shop in the area because of our outstanding reputation for excellent workmanship, quality customer service and most importantly safety. A Spanial’s Service Center brake inspection includes the following services:

• Brake Line Inspection

• Master Cylinder and Booster Inspection.

• Measuring the Thickness of the Rotors and Drums

• Calipers and Wheel Cylinder Inspection.

• Inspection for Even Wear and Damage to Brake Pads and Shoes.

• Font and Rear Brake Hardware Inspection

• Flushing the Brake System

Spanial’s Service Center is the leader in Mercedes-Benz service for a variety of reasons: we carefully make sure we maintain your vehicle’s manufacture specifications; we make sure your systems are safe and updated; and we proactively look for potential safety issues you could face in the near future and recommend a timeline for proper service. Spanial’s has Bucks and Montgomery County’s most experienced technicians in Mercedes Repair and Service and we provide our customers with the confidence and peace of mind that their Mercedes-Benz will be serviced or repaired right the first time!

Spanial’s Service Center Repairs and Provide Regular Maintenance On The Following Mercedes Models:
190-Class, 300-Class, 400-Class, 500-Class, 600-Class

C-Class, CLA-Class, CL-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class
E-Class, G-Class, GLA-Class, GL-Class, GLK-Class, M-Class, R-Class
S-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class, SLS-Class, Sprinter


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