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Saab vehicles are quite different from other vehicles on the market, and as a result, technicians who work on them need the specialized training that Spanial’s Service Center provides to it’s technicians annually. The Spanial’s service team is loaded with specialists that approach every make we service with a level of expertise that is unmatched, but our specialized training is especially important with Saabs. Spanial’s Service Center, located in Lansdale and Hatfield, PA is Bucks and Montgomery County’s most convenient and cost effective solution for all of you Saab repair and maintenance needs. Contact us at 215-855-7030 to schedule your appointment today!   

Spanial’s will does not recommend unnecessary repairs on your Saab and only performs necessary repairs that keep your Saab running reliably long term.  You probably purchased a Saab for it’s history of quality, safety and durability, and Saab owners tend to be loyal. And the Spanial’s Service Team will never treat you like a number, you and your Saab are always important to us. 

Bringing your Saab to Spanial’s Service Center means that your Saab will be run through the latest diagnostic software and repaired properly. We treat Saabs with the care they deserve, to keep them running on the road for decades to come. 

Saab is one of only two Swedish makes, and Spanial’s Service Center loves the quality that Saab puts into every car.  Along with Volvo, Saab is one of the vehicles that Spanial’s has worked on the longest.  Stop in today to see for yourself why Spanial’s Service Center has such a great reputation for repairing more Saabs than almost all other independent shop in Bucks and Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.

Reasons why you should make Spanial’s Service Center your Saab shop:

  1. SAVINGS – We provide dealer level Saab expertise at independent Saab shop pricing:No other Saab specialty shop provides better value when you consider both price, convenience and expertise. We strive to make Saab ownership affordable and convenient.
  2. Spanial’s recommends only needed repairs or services on Saab vehicles. Spanial’s provides Southeastern Pennsylvania’s highest level of integrity and our service professionals maintain the highest standards for quality and customer satisfaction in the region.
  3. A Warranty That We Stand Behind! At 24 months or 24,000 miles the Spanial’s Service Center warranty is exceptional in the world of Saab repairs. Add this to our already reasonable pricing and taking your Saab vehicle to Spanial’s represents the best value compared with taking the time to work with your Saab dealer!
  4. Providing an Affordable Parts Alternatives: Spanial’s Service Center uses perhaps more original equipment Saab parts than any independent Saab repair shop in Southeastern PA. However, unlike your Saab dealer we are happy to supply and install Saab OEM parts from a multitude of sources. We offer original equipment Saab parts direct from the manufacturer and a variety of other options, all of which will save you money. We never compromise on the quality of our parts and service. We provide alternative parts if they save you money and don’t compromise quality of your vehicle’s long term performance.
  5. Ongoing annual Saab specific training: The Spanial’s Service Team attends Saab specific classes annually and our team has access to a vast library of technical literature available to support our experienced, professional technicians.
  6. State-of-the-Art diagnostics and technical support: This is what separates the amateur mechanic from a professional service center. Spanial’s can perform both reprogramming and diagnostics on even the newest Saab’s (including those under warranty). The software and diagnostics tools that are available to the Spanial’s service team are tools that are only available to the very best Saab specialty shops. Spanial’s not only offer this technology, but we don’t perform any repair or maintenance services until we do a complete diagnostic check of your Saab vehicle.
  7. Bucks and Montgomery County’s most complete Saab service: Spanial’s Service Center provides every conceivable service your Saab will ever need from a basic oil and filter change to a complete engine replacement. Spanial’s Service Center sells and install tires, performs state safety and emissions inspections, and so much more. If there is anything your Saab needs (no matter how trivial), please ask, and the Spanial’s Service Team will be happy to help.
  8. Saab owners experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing you take your Saab the area’s most experienced Saab repair experts.  The Spanial’s service team provides the highest level of customer service and dedication to the care of your Saab.

Spanial’s Service Center is Bucks and Montgomery County’s Saab Repair Specialist! Call 215-855-7030 To Schedule Your SAAB Repair or Maintenance Appointment Today!


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