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The trained technicians at Spanial’s Service Center can test your car battery, replace it if necessary, and provide you with the comfort knowing your car will start when you need it to.

We offer car, light truck and motorcycle batteries that are made in the USA by DEKA. Featuring rugged construction, they are designed to not only withstand temperature extremes, but also provide increased reserve capacity to meet the extra power demands of on-board accessories, stereos, and computers, not to mention your vehicle’s emergency power needs.

If you’ve got a car battery problem, we’ll get you on your way in no time with high-quality car batteries guaranteed by the manufacturer* for up to 72 months.

Schedule an appointment to have your battery checked and serviced with Spanial’s today call: 215-855-7030 or Click Here To Contact Us!  No one likes a dead response.


Manufactured in the U.S.A with the highest quality workmanship and materials, Deka batteries provide the ultimate combination of quality performance and price.

The Intimidator series offer dual purpose capabilities for crisp engine starting and long deep discharge typical of Marine and RV applications, while the power sports range are designed specifically for high performance starting applications in smaller recreational vehicles including motorcyles, quad bikes, jet skis and snowmobiles.

Deka’s complete line of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) are purpose built for:
• 4WDs
• Caravans
• Marine Craft
• Modified Cars
• Electric Vehicles
• Recreational Vehicles
• Power Sports Vehicles


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