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Your vehicle’s CV (Constant Velocity) axle is made up of 2 CV joints. The axle transmits torque from the engine and transmission to drive the vehicle’s wheels. These parts are critical to how smoothly your vehicle handles on today’s rough roads or in heavy traffic. Spanial’s Service Center in Hatfield, PA has a team of trained staff to inspect your CV Joint, Axle and Driveshaft and make sure there is no damage and that everything is working properly. If we find that there is damage to the CV joint or boot that can lead to bigger problems down the road we have all of the parts necessary to make the fix for you promptly, so you can get on the road faster and, of course, safely.

Your vehicle’s Constant velocity joints, or CV joints are universal joints that are able to transfer torque at large angles efficiently. The CV joint, which in older cars was known as a “Universal” joint,  transfers power very smoothly when you drive and was developed for front wheel drive vehicles. The CV joint is comprised of four basic parts:

• The outer section, which has grooves machined on its inner surface

• The bearings, which are usually in a “cage”

• The inner ball, which has grooves on its outer surface for the bearings to ride in

• A rubber boot to protect the unit from dirt and moisture.

If you suspect you have steering or suspension problems. Some of the telltale signs include: pulling and bouncing, uneven or excessive tire wear, and poor steering control. If you begin to notice any of these symptoms, or if you have questions about steering or alignment, stop into Spanial’s Service Center today!

Contact Spanials Automotive Service Center or call to schedule an inspection of your vehicle’s CV joint, boot and axle at Spanial’s today at 215-855-7030.


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