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If you’re having to jump start your car in the morning or find yourself having to hook your battery to a charger each day, it might be time for a new battery. You can bring your car to a Spanial’s Service Center for a NEW high-quality Made in the U.S.A. DEKA battery.

Changing a car battery can be a relatively easy, but somewhat dirty, job that can be accomplished with only a few tools in some vehicle models. However, some vehicles’ batteries are located in very tough-to-reach areas such as under the front fender, under the rear seat or in the trunk. If this is the case, consider having it changed by the experts at Spanial’s Service Center is definitely the best plan.

Your car’s battery supplies the electrical current necessary to start the engine, but it also provides the power your vehicle’s electrical components and accessories need when the vehicle’s engine isn’t running. Your car battery also acts as voltage stabilizer for the whole electrical system, so be aware that it’s extremely important to have a reliable battery properly installed for your particular make and model vehicle.

Remember when it’s time to get that new battery and have it installed, make sure you see the battery experts at Spanial’s!

Contact Spanial’s Service Center or call to schedule your vehicle’s battery, alternator or starter service at Spanial’s today at 215-855-7030.

Some of the other battery, alternator and starter services that Spanial’s provides include:

Alternator Replacement Service
Spanial’s will remove and replace your vehicle’s alternator (generator). Your Alternator is one of the indispensable auto performance parts with which engine cannot work without. Today’s modern vehicles are computers on-wheels. At Spanial’s we check and replace your alternator belt as needed. We then verify that the alternator is providing the proper  charging system output.

Battery Replacement Service
When your auto battery finally needs to be replaced. Spanial’s will install the appropriate NEW DEKA replacement battery. Your battery tray and hold-down hardware will be inspected and as part of our regular battery replacement service the battery cable ends will be cleaned.

Starter Replacement Service
When the cause of your vehicle’s failure to start is not the battery. Spanial’s will perform the appropriate diagnostic testing and if the starter turns out the be the cause of the problem we will remove and replace the starter motor. Then we’ll proceed to check the battery and the battery cables and replace if needed. Finally, we’ll proceed to verify proper battery voltage and cranking speed.

Starting & Charging System Check
Check the starter motor for proper operation and check the charging system for proper output. Early prevention will save you from the sinking feeling of being stranded, not to mention the cost of road side assistance. Keeping the battery connections clean and making sure the alternator belt is in good condition and properly adjusted is essential.

Contact Spanials Automotive Service Center or call to schedule your vehicle’s battery, alternator or starter service at Spanial’s today at 215-855-7030.


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