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Performance tuning of your vehicle and specially designed parts are engineered specifically to enhance the performance, endurance, and in some cases, the look of your vehicle. Performance Parts allow you to customize, without asking you to compromise the quality and integrity of your vehicle. When you want to take your vehicle to the next level talk to Spanial’s Service Center in Hatfield, PA for the latest on performance tuning for your vehicle make and model.

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Spanial’s Engine Tune Up Services
Are you finding that your car or truck is making funny noises? Is your vehicle mileage decreasing with every day you drive? Then, your car is probably due for a through tune-up. These days, people are driving more and more and automobiles have to endure a significant amount of wear and tear due to traffic, construction, debris on the roads and more exhaust fumes in the air.

The greater volume of traffic on the roads is proving to be harmful to your car everyday. Our vehicles remain stuck in traffic jams for hours and have to endure the quick brakes and gear shifts, and their oil filters and exhaust fans get clogged with huge amounts of exhaust from other vehicles – this all affects the performance of a car to a great extent.

A tune-up is also known as “major service” and is a critical part of truck and car maintenance. And a tune-up at Spanial’s Service Center  should be performed at about every thirty to thirty-five thousand miles that your car or truck is driven. Even if you aren’t driving your vehicle that much, it is always a good idea to get your car tuned up every two years to ensure that it remains in good working order for the future. A thorough tune up to your vehicle not only improves its performance but also increases its lifespan. And getting your vehicle a through maintenance tune-up is a terrific way to restore your vehicle’s original power.

Each part in your vehicle is essential to its proper performance. Vehicles like trucks and cars deal with a lot of wear and tear every day and gather a lot of unwanted dirt, dust and grime on internal parts. Residues from different types of coolants and oils mixed with external pollutants also gather around the internal parts of engine. Keeping each and every part of the car clean and in best shape is essential to proper overall engine performance. Dirty and corroded auto parts put extra pressure on the engine of the car and decrease its efficiency and lifespan.

The resulting pressure may also result in sudden breakdowns or overheating. During a tune-up at Spanial’s Service Center, the worn-out parts of your car are changed with new ones and other parts are also given a thorough cleaning to increase their efficiency. Plus any loose parts are also tightened into their place to help improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

A proper tune-up at Spanial’s Service Center include six essential elements:

• Tune-up verification
• Spark plug replacement
• Brake repair
• Checking of emission levels in the car
• Speed adjustment
• Thorough maintenance inspection

At Spanial’s Service Center we know it is important to keep the fuel system and engine of the car in best possible condition, so we make sure that we check and clean the ignition system to make sure it is working properly.

Additionally, your vehicle’s air intake system can also becomes clogged at times due to the pollutants in the air. Despite the fact that this system has a filter, there are still some pollutants that cannot be filtered out. If your vehcile has a dirty filter this adds to the amount of pollutants in your engine, so during a tune up your air intake filter will be cleaned as well.

A proper tune-up at Spanial’s Service Center will do exactly what it says…tune-up all the parts of the car including distributor cap, ignition rotor, spark plugs, and fuel filter in addition to the systems described above. Your tune-up at Spanial’s also includes an oil change, which is essential to increasing the efficiency of your vehicle.

Contact Spanials Automotive Service Center or call to schedule your vehicle’s tune up at Spanial’s today at 215-855-7030.


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