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All vehicle manufacturers recommend Preventative Maintenance Services on their makes and models in order to maintain your factory warranty. When you schedule regular preventative maintenance service the Spanial’s Service Center team of factory certified technicians will make sure that your vehicle stays in top working condition and under warranty.

Seasonal Maintenance is important due to the wear and tear that changes in temperature and weather can create, so make sure that you have the following seasonal maintenance services perfomed annually to keep your vehicle running at its peak:

Checkup, Winterization
To prepare a car for a winter such precautions should be taken. The coolant of a vehicle needs to be tested and inspected for durability. Winter wiper blades should be installed because they are engineered to hold up in such conditions. Also all hoses, belts, and other vital comments will be inspected. Lastly the air pressures in tires will be set to OEM specifications. A technician will test drive your personal vehicle to ensure everything is in proper working order. The estimated time for the service is 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of service.

Checkup, Spring
A complete vehicle check up includes: brakes, tires, lights, belts, hoses, wipers, fluids, and other important systems. This check up ensure the vehicle will be ready for an upcoming summer driving season. The estimated time for the job is 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of service needed.

Fuel Injection Service
Every time a vehicle’s driver presses the gas pedal, they are controlling how much fuel and air the engine takes in. The pedal tells the throttle valve how much air to let in and the computer tells the fuel system how much fuel to deliver. These calculated amounts of air and fuel are typically mixed together before being sucked into the combustion chamber of an engine cylinder. There the spark plug ignites the mixture, producing the controlled burn that powers the vehicle. It’s important for the fuel in the vehicle to be as clean as possible. Performing fuel system cleaning service helps remove fuel varnish build-up, helps remove intake valve deposits, helps reduce cylinder head deposits, and cleans the fuel system.

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