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Save money at the pump, increase efficiency, and protect your safety. The choices you make when buying and maintaining your tires impacts the fuel efficiency and safety of your vehicles. The 232 million passenger cars and light trucks in the U.S. consume about 134 billion gallons of fuel each year. But making smart consumer choices when you purchase tires and maintaining your tires properly can cut fuel use and save you money at the pump, reducing the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

Being Tire Wise can also protect your safety. Every year, there are roughly 11,000 tire-related vehicle crashes in the U.S.—and about 200 people die in those crashes. Many of these crashes can be prevented through proper tire maintenance—including tire inflation, balance, alignment, and rotation—and understanding tire labels, aging, recalls and complaints.

Below is some are some helpful tips to help you be Tire Wise and make smart choices about buying and maintaining your tires.

For More Helpful Tire Tips and Ways To Understand How To Save Money By Maintaining Your Tires Call 215-855-7030 to Make An Appointment at Spanial’s Service Center and DOWNLOAD the Free Department of Transportation BE TIREWISE Manual Today!


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